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Who is SAS

SAS for Expats is a part of HBK tax advisers & accountants and provides expert advice in the area of global mobility tax, expat tax and international social security issues. Whether you represent a company who could use a fresh view on managing tax and social security issues with regard to your expatriate population, or you are an individual looking for assistance with your tax return, SAS for Expats can provide you with tailor-made assistance.


SAS for Expats was founded by Saskia Hemmes, an expatriate tax and social security specialist with over 16 years of consultancy experience for companies and employees in this field with one of the "Big Four". Through her broad experience, she has seen and experienced all aspects of managing an expatriate population, whilst never losing sight of the down-to-earth, daily individual issues of employees in international situations such as the preparation of a Dutch income tax return, the application of a 30%-ruling, or day-to-day payroll tax issues. SAS for Expats – a part of HBK tax advisers serves a wide range of clients, from multinational companies to private persons.

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SAS for Expats a part of HBK tax advisers

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